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 Hi Debbie, I just got my internet today so one of the first things I  wanted to do was send some pictures of Roscoe. I want to let you and  everyone else know he's doing great. I take him on a walk at least 3  times a day, he has been eating well, I got him on heartworm medicine  and the vet says he looks very good, and I think he's adjusting to the  change very well. My family loves him(not as much as me, haha) and he  became good friends with my parents dog. He's very attached already,  follows me everywhere I go, and when I come home from work he gives me  the best welcoming every time. It's so great to have such a loving and  friendly pup with me every day. If you ever want to check up on him  don't hesitate to call me.

Thank you for everything, If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


 sorry i was not able to email you in a while. Tyson, new name, is doing  great and loves the family. He is very healthy and loves to be walked. I  have attached some pictures of him.



Just  wanted to drop you a line. Xenia is doing great, we did rename her  “Ellie”  She may have the spirit of a princess warrior but she more like  a princess…spoiled. Went to the vet last week she is up to 16lbs very  healthy, did not like her shots climbed up my arm onto my shoulder and  hid her head. Then every time he touched her she whined and cried like a  baby just looking in her ears sound like he was beating her. The vet  thought is was hysterical, thought she might need prozac when he spays  her.  She is very smart, picked up sit, lie down, crawl, and here in no  time. We are working on retrieving (not sure she will get it completely  but doing good for her age) and can’t wait for some decent weather to  use her nose and try to do some tracking (she loves to smell things).  She will do anything for a treat. She is warm, affectionate and very  good, still having some house training accidents but I expected that.  She has a lighted collar for our night time walks. She likes to put all  of her toys under the kitchen table. She even drug off the kitchen chair  cushions to make her a bed. So last night we bought her a doggie pillow  which she is napping on right now. Amy is not a dog person usually just  tolerates them but Ellie has won her over, she expects Ellie to greet  her at the door and if she is not there she goes looking for her before  she takes her coat off. I have owned a pure breed german shepard (my  favorite breed) she was great. A pure breed black lab, he was a good  hunting dog but a true pain in the rear. Ellie tops them both she is  GREAT we all love her including grandma who would take her if we let  her. 

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Bo Spain  


 Well it was a long trip home and teddy  walked right in when we arrived.  He made himself at home!  Nate and I  went to pet smart and let him get acclimated to the new house. Once we  got home he was at the door anxiously awaiting our return.  We got him a  new dog bed and he stayed in it all night.-Clay and Nate



This doggie has brought much happiness to this house .

Thank you Deb and have a happy holiday season . -Mike


 hunter has
made a new friend
and doing real
good i just want
to thank you once
again for a true
friend he well be
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